AppliedCrypto 2010



Crypto is at UCSB every year. Almost all Crypto participants stay in the same place, namely the UCSB dormitories: Anacapa Hall if you sign up early, adjacent Santa Rosa Hall if you sign up late. You should come to Anacapa to pick up your keys even if you're assigned to Santa Rosa.

This housing also comes with food at the UCSB dining hall, De La Guerra (or nearby Ortega if De La Guerra is closed for some reason). Crypto provides dinners most days, and this year it seems that CHES is providing dinners and some lunches, but De La Guerra is where people have breakfasts and most lunches. The food in De La Guerra is buffet style, offering many options (see the menu), and the overall food quality isn't bad. The overall price for food and housing is reasonable: UCSB has a signup page offering, for example, 11 nights of housing and meals for $1063.47. There is a slight discount if you sign up for a double room, i.e., two people sharing a single-size room.

The dormitories are under 10 minutes walk from De La Guerra. Campbell Hall, the standard Crypto lecture room, is about a 10-minute walk from De La Guerra, and about a 10-minute walk straight from the dormitories. The rump session and the extra conferences this year (CHES, FDTC, SHA-3) are in Corwin, which is under 5 minutes walk from De La Guerra. The Crypto 2010 local-information page lists other hotels in the area, but even the closest hotel is not within walking distance of the campus.

The positive side of having everyone eat and sleep on campus is that Crypto provides many, many, many more contact hours than a typical conference. The negative side is that the dormitories are rather spartan, and you might find them a bit shocking if you have no experience with typical American dorms and are expecting hotel-type facilities. Your room won't have a telephone, or a television, or a hair dryer, or any running water. It will have an adequate desk, power plugs, an Ethernet plug, a window providing fresh air, and every day a fresh towel that you can take down the hall to a bathroom shared by about 20 people (but usually not all of them are in there). To minimize walking, women (and couples) are assigned rooms close to women's bathrooms, while men are assigned rooms close to men's bathrooms. Each bathroom has several toilet stalls and several showers. There are at least two different types of showers: the common type has an American-style immobile shower head and a shampoo/soap dispenser on the walls, while the "handicapped" type has a flexible hose to a hand-held shower head but is missing the shampoo/soap dispenser.

The Anacapa lobby has a pool table (ask the reception desk for balls), a ping-pong table (same), a vending machine, an arcade game, and a TV. It's two minutes walk from a stunning beach view. The building also has laundry facilities.


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